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Enterprise solution which enables Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) to track advanced practice competencies and work tied to patient care and outcomes, proving value to their institution.

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What is TrACWork©

  • Web-based + mobile application system
  • Enterprise solution to help recognize APRN value through capturing unique portfolio of work contributions
  • Captures unique contribution to patient care and outcomes


Benefits of TrACWork©

  • Helps solve issues of ambiguity, general poor visibility or understanding of how some APN groups/roles impact patient outcomes
  • Aids with self-appraisal, quality monitoring of APRN practice, trending of patterns and identifying changes in focus over time
  • Aids in communicating and highlighting unique contributions in a visually appealing format with the ability to tie them to measurable outcomes
  • Captures practice patterns and generates reports for analysis and communication of value
  • For the knowledge worker, it is interactive, flexible, and intuitive
Citations: Colwill JP, O’Rourke C, Booher L, Soat M, Solomon D, Albert, NM. Capture of Knowledge Work of Clinical Nurse Specialists Using a Role Tracking Tool: Journal of Clinical Nurse Specialists. 2014 Nov/Dec; 28(6): 323-331.

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