Robotic Muscloskeletal Simulators

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The Universal Musculoskeletal Simulator Software Suite (simVitro) allows researchers the ability to perform musculoskeletal simulations using cadaveric joints. The software provides a user friendly graphical interface that works in conjunction with 6 degrees of freedom robotic technology to provide loads and motions to a cadaveric joint in clinically relevant coordinate systems. The software collects loading and motion data for analysis to compare normal joint behavior and the results of various surgical or pathological inventions.


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Designed as a universal musculoskeletal simulator. Modules are available for in vitro simulation of major joints including the spine, knee, foot/ankle, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist and more.



Systems are scalable, flexible, and configurable. It can be built around new or existing robotic infrastructure in your laboratory or testing facility. Compatible with several leading manufacturers of robots and sensors.



Utilize the expertise of the Cleveland Clinic BioRobotics Laboratory for helping you develop your state of the art facility. Spend your time and energy on answering the scientific questions.


Benefits of simVITRO


  • Provide new insight into joint biomechanics or implant designs

  • Reduce cost and time to publishing your scientific discoveries

  • Integrate into both your translational and basic research programs

  • Create joint loading profiles that are dynamic and flexible

  • Select the specimen module(s) that match your research program

  • Utilize International Society of Biomechanics standards for joint coordinate systems

  • Construct and configure sensors from the built-in library

  • Customize sensors and measurements unique to your particular application via the plug-in style architecture

  • Scale your system to fit your needs

  • Build around new or existing robotic or sensor infrastructure in your laboratory or testing facility. Get the power of simVITRO while leveraging your current capital equipment. 


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