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A web-based, patient-entered family history disease collection and risk stratification platform which delivers evidence-based, clinically actionable decision support to clinicians at the point-of-care.

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Hosted Solutions

What Is MyFamily?

MyFamily helps to create personalized health plans based on medical history.  Embedded algorithms analyze the data and deliver hereditary disease risk scores, which the clinician can use to create a treatment plan. Patients fill out their family medical history at their convenience prior to arriving at the doctor's office.  First time users are given a tablet in the waiting room; once the initial survey is complete, the authenticated user can access the platform from anywhere with an Internet connection to keep track of and update their medical information. Through this platform, a partnership is created between patient and clinician to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and personalized care.

Institutional Influences

  • Cleveland Clinic Culture of Patients First
  • Preventive Care vs. Reactive Care
  • Appropriate Care to Maximize Quality and Reduce Cost
  • Value Based Operations Driving Personalized Care Paths and Care Coordination

Key Design Requirements

  • Comprehensive Systematic Ascertainment
  • Seamless Integration into existing Clinical Workflows


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